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A Taste of Chicago...

Dear Suburbanite's and all tourists visiting Chicago,

GNG~ We met at our day job...won't say where...won't say when...but it's been magic ever since.

Sean: I have this Brady Bunch image in my head. You know when the one day the Lady met the Fellow...

Is that how the music happened? Did you know he could rap? Did you know she could sing?

GNG~ (Laughs) No, a tad bit grittier than the Brady Bunch, since the bulk of our initial collaborations were definitely much more boisterous and vulgar than "the Bunch" would be comfortable with.
To keep it short, we heard from our boss at the time that each of us was heavily into music. The intrigue began there and as you can see was met with much avail. We've been teaming up ever since, cultivating our individual and collective sound.

Sean: What IS your sound?

GNG~ Indie. Hip Hop. Rock. Independent. Nowadays there is such a melting pot of music, and we are musical chameleons. So like a sponge we have soaked up as much inspiration as possible to create our very own sound. We want to bring back the true rock-star artist. The ones who do their own thing no matter what! If you put them in a box they break it and set it on fire! Haha. It's a sound you'd have to define for yourself.

Sean: How did you develop the sound?

GNG~ We actually started as a band known as Whammy. Our chemistry was electric as a band! We rocked out for a couple years then the band had to stop, but Ash & I couldn't, so we kept writing. Once we discovered each other's creative potential we couldn't help, but feed off of one another. Eventually, we started performing our inventions of Hip Hop Rock Indie in front friends and family. They then encouraged us to become an "actual duo".

Sean: I often wonder, how is it to work with the one you love the most?

GNG~ ....It is a challenge and a blessing... :-)

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Thanx for reading...Kisses~ Sean K:*

What's HAUTE Now?!

More Haute Stuff!!!

This necklace is beyond cute right?!
Well the story behind the design is even better.

This little gem was created by Simone Smith. Name sound familiar? Of course it does, silly. She's LL Cool J's wife and she totally Haute!

Back in 2004, Mrs. Smith was diagnosed with a rare type of bone cancer. The docs did an amazing job of getting her back to being cancer free, but upon the reconstruction of her leg, a part of her cute little dum-dum lollipop tattoo became a tad disfigured as if someone had taken a tiny bite out of it. And thus the idea for the cutest necklace EVER was born!.

A portion of the proceeds of these j'adorable crystal necklaces goes to the American Cancer Society.
The Simone I. Smith collection can be found when you're ShoppingAround Neiman Marcus stores world wide or by strolling into our favorite one located at 737 N. Michigan Avenue.

Although October has officially come to a close; be it brain, bone or breast cancer, the struggle is definitely real.

***This year marks the nineth year that Mrs. Simone Smith has been cancer free:)

Check out our Tumblr to see all of Simone's celeb clients rocking this chic little lolli. ~Sean K:*

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