It's time to ShopAround, Chicago...

ShopAround Chicago is your tour guide to the "haute-est" shops in Chicago! Our exclusive, stylish walking tours take you on a "style exploration" to the best local boutiques in town. Whether it's Lincoln Park, Wicker Park or the "Ave", we've got you covered. Learn about each shop's history, the products they carry- all while your very own Style Guide shows you the in's and out's on how to shop Local, shop Smart & Always ShopAround!

So grab your most fashionable pair of walking shoes and book a tour today!

Wicker Park Tour

the Revamp

Known as the home for some of Chicago’s most breathtaking boutiques, our Gold Coast tour offers luxury, quality and more!

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Gold Coast Tour

Xmas Shop

Always cutting edge, Wicker Park offers access to shops that boast one-of-a-kind looks that are beyond haute!

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Lincoln Park Tour

Style Tours

From cute to classic, our Lincoln Park tour is full of small boutiques that offer apparel and accessories with a big splash of style!

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